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prisoners without charge or trial within the united states. after the group plans to march through downtown washington. >>> today epa administrator lisa jackson will lead a discussion on cleaning up the chesapeake bay. he's she's appearing at the choose clean water conference that started yesterday and runs through tomorrow. this year they are focusing on president obama's order on the chesapeake renovation. and they are examining congressional efforts to clean up the bay. >>> new this morning, police are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old wound up in the middle of edwards ferry road in leesburg, virginia. the little girl was found this morning near a gas station. the parents were unaware she left their home the middle of the night. police do not suspect foul play although the incident is under investigation. >>> a mating attempt between pandas may have failed but pregnancy hopes are still alive at the national zoo. 9 news knew digital correspondent alex trevino is live with details. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. we know activities took place here at national zoo between
to hurricanes or any severe rainstorms, what is it you think that people in the united states who are watching this who want to help you after you have gone and seen what is needed. what do you think will be needed most besides obviously hospital supplies? >> well, i think one of the -- a dear brother he said and i want to congratulate and join him that said it is a state of emergency in haiti because right now, like you said, things have happened in the past. not to that magnitude. i think, like you said, we, as haitian, we need to stand up first before others. there are 4 million of us outside of haiti if we unit as one, i think something can happen. >> reporter: joseph, we talked in our earlier newscast about the importance of social networking, facebook and twitter getting pictures out, skype or just contacting people. what's the conversation that's been going on among haitians in the united states and outside of haiti on facebook that may help in getting the need, the humanitarian relief to the people who need it most. >> okay. last night i was up all night on facebook and i have seen peo
on terror threats to the united states. this comes days after the airing of a new tape which appears to be from osama bin laden and weeks after the failed christmas day plane bombing. >>> tonight, parents if fair tax county will have another chance to speak out against a series of cuts being made within the school system. last night at jackson middle school in falls church, students, parents and concerned community activists spoke out against the cuts. >> we need to have your support as we ask the board of supervisors to come up with the additional $57.8 million that will help protect the kindergarten, band and strings and additional class size increases. >> reporter: the hearing is scheduled to begin at 6:00 and once again it will be held at jackson middle school. >>> coming up, the story of a woman who's life was turned upside down by political changes in her homeland. >>> and a plea is issued to the international community on behalf of haitian earthquake victims. it is 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. >>> >>> now for the latest on the earthquake in haiti. survivors a
we get there. what i can say is we have a dedicated crew. we are representing the united states of america and they are all ready to take on whatever we find when we get there. >> i understand along with traumatic injuries you could be helping with delivering new babies, as well. >> absolutely. that's a possibility. i personally wouldn't be doing that. that is ob-gyn on board. i will leave that to them. but definitely i can assist with infection, dehydration, kidney failure. we have machines on board ready to take that on. we're really ready for as much as we can. >> when do we expect the comfort to arrive in haiti? a lot of people are frustrated and we hear there is violence because people are desperate for medical help, water, food, other supplies. when will the ship arrive and start to aid in the medical needs of the people there? >> absolutely. the targeted date, we believe should be getting there by thursday. but one of the things to keep in mind is although we are going there to help the people of haiti we have to be safe yourself ourselves. if we are there and not in phys
of the problem right now. >> amnesty was a big deal for the people who are already in the united states. has the obama administration rolled back on its commitment for amnesty? do you know exactly where the obama administration stands now on immigration reform in light of national security, health care, and finding jobs for everyone? >> shame on you, using the word. there is no amnesty. there is no amnesty. the "a" word has not been used at all. maybe delayed legalization. get in line. all of that. the obama administration has been nowhere on this. and it really does get back to politics. with the 2010 congressional election coming up, they're looking at the map and there are 50 democrats who are elected in districts where president bush and or candidate mccain took, and im bration is a big issue, and they're not going to go for complex immigration reform. but if due do it before the 2012 election cycle that came up then all of the promises that president obama, we're going to take care of this, do the immigrant communities stick with democrats, or do they shift back to republicans, and it i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5